We offer courses from beginner to advanced level.

Anyone from 13 to 113 can enjoy our classes

  • Our online classes are from,  Monday to Friday, 8:00 am to 9:00 pm non-stop. And Saturday morning.  Swiss standard time.

  • New groups of all skill levels begin as soon as 3 students register.

  • Advanced students can join an existing group immediately, or be placed on a waiting list with their desired days and times.

  • Once a group is formed, the days and times will be the same for the entire course.


It is recommended to follow the courses with us for an entire school year in order to be able to considerably improve your level. In a school year, most students finish 3 to 4 books. There are a total of 12 books in our program.

GROUP Lessons – The most appreciated!

All levels for adults and teens. We organize our small groups by level.  


     PROGRESSIVE Group    2 x 1h25 minutes per week

     Regular Group   1 x 1h25 minutes  or 2 x 45 minutes per week


Private Classes

Although we recommend group lessons, we understand that in some cases private lessons are the ideal solution, especially if a student has an irregular schedule.



If we have enough participants of the same age and level, we will form special groups reserved for adolescents. However, if this is not possible, teenagers are always welcome in our adult groups. Teenagers really like our English lessons. They offer them a completely different approach to what they have experienced at school. Our students gain self-confidence during our lessons and their English grades in school improve at the same time. EVERYONE CAN GET THERE! This method is even suitable for pupils who have difficulties with "school" English lessons.

Join us ONLINE Today!    It’s easy!

Our 4 basic levels are:

Beginner:  Start page 1, Book 1

Never had English classes before, or a long time ago.  Can not speak at all.

False Beginner:  Have taken English lessons before

But for not very long. Or a long time ago.  Can perhaps understand some and speak broken sentences. Very basic conversation perhaps possible.

Intermediate:  Basic plus conversation - Can hold a conversation and talk about the past, future etc.  But stall to find words, do not feel fluent.

Advanced:  Can speak, and probably have occasions where I do speak, at work, or with friends.  However, I feel stuck.  I don't feel I have learned any new vocabulary or expressions in a long time.  I can even get tongue tied at work or in front of people I think speak better than me.

Our classes meet 2 x 1h25 per week

Or 1 x 1h25 or 2 x 45 minutes

Groups are organized by level. 

They are LIVE, online with a teacher.

Overcoming the FEAR to SPEAK English can change your life. No matter WHAT your level is we can help you!

 We want to work with you! Put us to the test!

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