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Our 4 basic levels are:

Beginner:  Start page 1, Book 1

Never had English classes before, or a long time ago.  Can not speak at all.

False Beginner:  Have taken English lessons before

But for not very long. Or a long time ago.  Can perhaps understand some and speak broken sentences. Very basic conversation perhaps possible.

Intermediate:  Basic plus conversation - Can hold a conversation and talk about the past, future etc.  But stall to find words, do not feel fluent.

Advanced:  Can speak, and probably have occasions where I do speak, at work, or with friends.  However, I feel stuck.  I don't feel I have learned any new vocabulary or expressions in a long time.  I can even get tongue tied at work or in front of people I think speak better than me.

Our classes meet 2 x 1h25 per week

Or 1 x 1h25 or 2 x 45 minutes

Groups are organized by level. 

They are LIVE, online with a teacher.

Overcoming the FEAR to SPEAK English can change your life. No matter WHAT your level is we can help you!

 We want to work with you! Put us to the test!

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