“Because the Callan Method appears to be miraculous

many think it is too good to be true.

But miraculous inventions do exist.

– Mr Robin Callan, Inventor of the Callan Method

Mr Callan & Rebecca Kotzé

We at Best English 4U - Online. are committed to you gaining spoken English confidence and ability…Faster !

 We will obtain this result by using the most efficient method of teaching we know, namely, the Callan Method. 


How the Callan Method obtains its results in a quarter of the time:  Maximum speaking time and maximum concentration.


With the Callan Method the student listens and speaks four times more during the lesson than he would with any other form of teaching.  Consequently he learns four times faster.


Language learning is not an academic subject, it is a skills subject. Therefore the more one practices the faster one learns – exactly as with typing or anything else. Repetition is the key.


The only way to learn to speak a language is by speaking it.


With other methods, or at other schools, the students spend most of their time reading, writing and listening, and extremely little time actually speaking.  They are not learning to use the language, they are only learning about the language.  Learning a foreign language is like learning to type, drive a car, or play the piano.  One cannot learn to do these activities without actually doing them. It is not necessary to know anything about mechanics or the workings of a car engine in order to drive a car, no more than it is necessary to know how a piano works in order to be able to play it, or to know about a language in order to speak it (or even read or write it).  A language therefore, is best learnt by just speaking it.


Another difference of this method is…Speed! Teachers talk fast…. students understand quickly. There is no time to translate. It becomes instinctive. Natural.


Learning fast means learning well.


We know that some students say they do not wish to learn English quickly.  They just want to learn it well.  They are afraid that if they learn quickly they will not learn well and forget everything just as quickly.  Experience showed us that a language is best learnt quickly.  We consider speed in speaking and understanding a language as essential.  It prevents the student thinking in his own language, and conditions him to think in the foreign tongue. Translating is not speaking.


If it’s unpleasant, do it at speed.


The Callan Method functions on the principle that if you have something unpleasant and monotonous to do on a daily basis, do it at speed, and do it systematically.  The speed can make it exhilarating.  For 90% of people, the learning of a foreign language is boring, no matter how interesting it is presented to them. There is no escape from repetition and revision in learning to develop a quick reflex action, but this can be made stimulating through speed.


Still not convinced? 

For our commitment to work, one must literally trust the method at hand.  The Callan Method has been around for over 30 years. It works. Our thousands of former students can testify and do. And they too were skeptical once.


If you are interested in trying the Callan Method the next step is ….


  • Book your trial lesson of the Callan Method, and evaluation of your “speed” or “level”. Thereafter we can allocate you to a class with students at your own level. We encourage fun classes. And we wish to see you succeed.

Join us ONLINE Today!    It’s easy!

Our 4 basic levels are:

Beginner:  Start page 1, Book 1

Never had English classes before, or a long time ago.  Can not speak at all.

False Beginner:  Have taken English lessons before

But for not very long. Or a long time ago.  Can perhaps understand some and speak broken sentences. Very basic conversation perhaps possible.

Intermediate:  Basic plus conversation - Can hold a conversation and talk about the past, future etc.  But stall to find words, do not feel fluent.

Advanced:  Can speak, and probably have occasions where I do speak, at work, or with friends.  However, I feel stuck.  I don't feel I have learned any new vocabulary or expressions in a long time.  I can even get tongue tied at work or in front of people I think speak better than me.

Our classes meet 2 x 1h25 per week

Or 1 x 1h25 or 2 x 45 minutes

Groups are organized by level. 

They are LIVE, online with a teacher.

Overcoming the FEAR to SPEAK English can change your life. No matter WHAT your level is we can help you!

 We want to work with you! Put us to the test!

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